Forbidden Thai Sticks #5, Starring Alice, Cookie, Noon, Shasha, Pop, Ying

Forbidden Thai Sticks #5

Forbidden Thai Sticks #5, Starring Alice, Cookie, Noon, Shasha, Pop, Ying
starring: Alice, Cookie, Noon, Shasha, Pop, Ying
length: 183 minutes
release date: 2013-02-25
studio: Third World Media / Asian Eyes

The asses are soft, the cocks are hard and the faces are 100% girly. These Thai sticks are packed with high powered and very potent Ladyboy liquid. 6 New girls featured in this Spanking the Monkey Edition

Ying is a kind of petite thing, with long dark hair, bright orange lipstick and and larger ladyboy tits with pointy nipples. She packs her boy parts between her healthy thighs, lays back on the sofa, picks at her pliable foreskin and massages her tiny Thai carrot. She bends over and anally eats a dildo while her peanut hangs lifeless. She grabs it tight and tugs it hard, finally dribbling some clear spunk down her shaft. She showers and changes.

Alice is very pretty and very tiny and petite too. Her boobs are large and nicely finished while her legs are thin and stylish. She takes a bath in the tub, where her soft pubic grasses soak up the warm water and her phallus starts to stiffen. She strokes away at it while a dildo starts to probe her anus. Her tight titties shake before she splashes a thick cum stream up and down her throbbing tool.

Cookie has fishnet stockings and a zipper down one piece dress on. AS she slowly lowers the zipper, her large tits pop from their cutouts and her point nipples start to perk. Her hair is long and her face coated with pink colored blush. Her penis is home to a thick foreskin and straggly pubic out-growths that are climbing farther and farther up her shaft. She twists and tugs her foreskin, massages her balls, probes her ass and hard strokes her Siam salami; before launching a high flying, 2 round, cum blasting up and down her body.
Forbidden Thai Sticks #5, Starring Alice, Cookie, Noon, Shasha, Pop, Ying
Noon is as convincing a tranny as we have ever seen. A pretty face and a pierced tongue along with pink lips and a set of small hormonal tits. Between her legs is a pre-cum loaded, foreskin sheathed, pink-tipped penis. It stands up quickly and it responds positively to a bit of baby oil she massages into her girl cock. From a finger and then 2, to a medium sized dildo then makes its way deep inside this girls lubricated shit hole. Deeper and deeper it goes as she stokes away and ratchets off a semi-creamy batch of jizz. She showers and goes away.

Pop is a naughty looking tranny with bleached hair and a chubby belly. She has a long chin and a large pair of lactating breasts. Tranny milk pours from her tits, while her hairless hotdog lies limp. She applies oil and starts to rub her stump into a long hard stiffie. She strokes and stares and snarls as her cock squirts a good amount of fast flowing tranny spunk down her legs. She showers and changes.

Shasha is our covergirl and one of the most nastiest trannies around. She has dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes with long legs and an ass crack ready to munch any hard cock. Her cock and balls are shaved and cleanly polished, her penis cut, her abs ripped into 6 pack form and her asshole blown open from repeated ass crammings. She easily swallows a dildo as her Thai tiger starts to growl. She works it hard and fast and finally lets loose a few squirts of bright white cum. She showers and changes.