Mile High

Imagine being on a flight to Asia with Tukta as your flight hostess. Those long legs strolling up and down the isles ready to serve. Tukta greets you with a big smile and sparking eyes. She has her eyes on you, and teases by bending over in her short short uniform. Right across the isle from you with panties right in your face. As the lights dim in the cabin Tukta motions for you to join her in the rear of the plane. Behind the curtain Tukta motions for you to be quiet as she unbuttons your pants. You're already hard and that brings a big smile to her face. Tukta's already slipped her panties off and wraps her legs around you. Your hard cock easily sinks all the way into her soft love tunnel. Tukta gyrates and moves up and down till you blow your load deep inside.
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