Bailey Jay

Ok so, is now officially under construction..and I want to make things super easy for you guys. Basically there are alot of sites popping up with similar names that I don’t run personally. And plenty of fan blogs and pretend blogs and random porn galleries of images of me that I also do not have anything to do with. I do not run Baileyjayblog, or baileyjayts, or any of that stuff, sites like that are just collections of my images that companies have the rights to and bought a domain with my name in it, so they use me as an example of the kind of girls they offer on their sites, and also help promote me. I currently only personally run this blog, my myspace, , baileyjay88 on twitter, and soon to be running other than the work I will be continuing to do with Joey Silvera, the only places you will find freshly uploaded images and videos of me from this point on will be on the sites Im running personally. I’m partnering up with Shemaleclub to build the new site so Any other site or blog with my images on them will be of old content or take longer to get updates. For the new stuff I have going on you’ll have to check once it is up and running in the next month or so. You guys are going to flip your shit when you see it haha, lets just say you’ve never seen me as..dirty? I have had such an amazing time shooting for Grooby these last couple of years, they’ve really treated me like family. So now that I’m branching off to do my own website I like to think they won’t ever forget about me >.< I love all of you guys.. thanks for being so loyal and sweet.