Blondes Have More Cum – five of the blondest and biggest Shemales

Blondes Have More Cum – five of the blondest and biggest Shemales manufacture loads of creamy cum that most young, healthy men would be envious of….
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Dany De Castro (Covergirl) is a slanky, tall blonde with long hair, long legs and a sexy face. She sticks her tongue down her boyfriends throat before ramping up her 7 inch wang and stuffing that in both his mouth and his anus as well. She strokes his stiff meat, while bareback cramming his shitter in multiple positions. She certainly does appear like a regular pretty blonde girl with a thick booty, but she sure knows how to fuck man ass just like a dude; only with high heels on. She gives him a small chance to fill her bunger, as she fucks his cock in high gear, switching into overdrive while her cock and hairless nut bag prepare for take off. She lets him hard drill her shitter while getting her stroke on, finally discharging a thick, white creamy cum load. Her man follows suit, by spewing out a thick one of his own, all over her still puckering sphincter.

Dani Bionda is a tall blonde with long hair and long legs, who makes a date to meet her boyfriend in town. They head back to her place and quickly get busy sucking each others genitalia. Her tits are natural and her body slim, her 7 inch skinny one clean shaven and ready for action. She barebacks his shitter first as he rides her cowgirl and she then flips him over, heading deep inside his willing anus. She strokes his ass hard, as her natural titties start to puff up. They change things up, as she desires a little cock in her own ass as well. She rides his ding dong and then lays back as his big hog brutalizes her skinny buttocks. He continues to pound her, while she begs for more, finally succumbing to her tightness and blowing a creamy one right on the edge of her still quivering anus. She jerks her own foreskin covered phallus to a super large, creamy one all over her own 6 pack abs.

Mickelly is wearing a see through black dress and looking as sexy as a blonde can be. She is 23 with long hair and a pretty face. Cameraman Rich has introduced her to his friend but failed to mention the big weapon she is wielding between her legs. His friend sucks her perfectly tanned tits and works his way downward, finally revealing her most attractive feature. He is surprised, but gets over his fear by squatting on his knees and sucking on it like an adult pacifier. Things heat up fast, as she completely swallows his dong and fits his nuts into her mouth as well. Richs friend is not shy about his first Shemale experience and goes from sucking his first cock to sanitizing the area between her ass crack and ball sack with his tongue. He peels her foreskin cover back, licking and sucking away, before bending Mackelly over, plugging her ass and stroking her hard curving ding dong at the same time. He learns quick, pulling his cock out from time to time to lick the sweat and precum out of her freshly fucked poop hole. He spreads his own anus to let MacKelly inside, and she imposes her will on his shitter as he yanks his own frank. She drills his tiny buttcheeks and tosses him around like a rag doll, before pulling out of his shitter and blowing big on his half hard cock and shriveled up sack. Her cock is harder than his, but that does not stop him from spilling out a creamy one right into her cum craving mouth.

Duda is a very exotic blonde with big tits and long legs. Her hair is done pretty and she is looking sharp as she makes a date with her boyfriend. She changes into some white sexy lingerie and takes out her big tits for her boyfriend to suck on while talking dirty and sucking on his fat knob too. They fit a round of sword fighting into their play, before he pays homage to her big dick by sucking on it and stuffing it bareback up his own tight bunghole. Duda takes charge and warms his ass up nicely, while stroking his cock at the same time. She splits his legs in two and fucks him hard, before changing things up and becoming a girl again with an ass as soft as Brazilian butter. She strokes his ass and yanks his frank, making him cry for momma the entire time. He gets his turn and stuffs her shitter too, while she jerks off and offloads a huge and healthy one all over his belly. He continues to plow her bung and finally drops his load off right on the outer rim of her well used tranny fuck chute. She shows off her cum stained ass while, rubbing the excess jizz into her own nut bag.

Brigila has a pretty smile and a thick body. Her ass is round and large, textbook Brazilian bubble butt style. Her tits are natural and very well shaped and her overall appearance is 100% girl; that is until her black boyfriend uncovers the swollen, foreskin covered hog hiding behind her patent leather g-string. It swells instantly as this brotha goes to town on it, maxing it out at a solid, vein filled, hairless 8 inches. She handles his 11 incher just fine in her mouth and has little problems with it in her ass either, as she moans like a girl and takes it like a man, as homeboy lays her out. She wants her revenge on him as well and takes it out on his sphincter, as her fat ass drives her big hog deep inside this brothas chute. She puts him in mish and splits his legs in two, stroking his huge cock while slow pumipng his black ass; finally pulling out to cum large all over his cock and bag and finally sucking him off to a big one in her slutty mouth.

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