ok wow.

Bailey Jay

So I have nothing to blog about! I fail like so hard! Well I watched Temple Grandin and it might be the funniest, blatant attempt at an emmy for the portrayal of a slow person that I have ever seen. I’ve been dying all week every time my roommate Marcos busts out his Temple Grandin impression. Other than that, Ive been pretty cranky from dieting. I love food!! I miss it soo much! lol, I have been going to bars alot and handing out my new business cards and getting massively hit on by everyone, pretty overwhelming stuff, but all in an effort to get my image out there and keep a good buzz going about me. Ive been bowling alot as of late and it turns out I suck really really hard at it. So thats cool I guess. I got a personal psychic to help me with my anxiety and basic happiness. She used to be Britney Spears’ psychic and helped her come back from being a crazy mess. She told me I have alot of jealous people that want to see me fail and try to get under my skin. And she wants to make sure I keep a good heart and clear mind so I can be the amazing person I am supposed to be. And not to let mean spirited people wreck my super happy life. hurray for professions i can only assume might be legitimate maybe! oh and I am shooting with Joey Silvera again next week!!! I am sooo excited!! I got a bunch of really hot bras and junk to shoot in!! And with my slightly slimmer body, this shoot is sure to be amazing!! I hope its my best one yet! I am sooo sorry for not blogging the last few weeks, Ive been running around so much.