Busy Busy Bailey Bee

Bailey Jay

Wowwy, I have been so busy this week, I’ve been going to the Las Vegas strip like every night promoting the blog, and waking up at 5:30am flying to LA to shoot for the DVD with Joey Silvera, trying to catch up on sleep as much as possible, mailing out all my fan panty orders, getting things squared away for my pilot, scheduling future shoots and making birthday videos for some special fans of mine, sheesh, I’m exhausted. I slept 15 hours yesterday! wtf is that!? All this whlie trying to ignore any bad publicity from jealous fags online. No wonder my friends and family feel neglected. I am one busy Bailey. I’m shooting some sets for TSdolls or something like that..I can’t even remember site names anymore at this point lol. All I know is Im going to kick some ass and perhaps take names. Ah, but yes today has been pretty mellow. I cashed my check from Joey, bought some cute dresses online, and a pair of really killer vinyl high heels, and ordered some more hormones. Microgest is what I am about to test drive. Hopefully it wont make my dieting any harder than it has been. I’m looking so great!! And feelin healthy as a horse. I think Im going to get some spicy yellowtail tonight, maybe watch Star Wars tonight. I need some down time. I’m working on coming to grips with who I am, and not driving myself crazy that Im not perfect. I obsess over my appearance, and so it hurts that much more when people tell me Im ugly. Realistically, my beauty is debatable. either you dont get it.. or Im a total knockout. And thats fine with me. Like..I think Meagan Fox is perfection..but she doesnt really do it for me..her beauty is way too obvious. Christina Ricci on the otherhand … I think is so freaking hot. And she has a giant forehead and bugged out eyes. Beauty is effing weird like that. Any who Im rambling.
All in all, make love not war. and no photoshop sometimes means a prickly crotch.