Chillaxation tiemz

Bailey Jay

Hey guys, I’m feeling pretty peaceful as of late. I just got back home from the sushi bar with some friends. I got a Red Rock roll, and a spicy yellow tail and hot Sake! And now I’m all comfy at home, laying on the softest couch in the universe, listening to Paris Combo and blogging to all my amazing and loyal friends. I have been kinda grumpy all day, so I’m really glad to finally feel serene now. Delestrogen shots can make me kinda cranky. Oh! I started using cocoa butter on my boobs to fade the scars and avoid stretch marks, so aside from smelling like a black stripper, I’m feeling quite moisturized. I didn’t get a chance to go into too much detail yesterday about my upcoming shoots with EvilAngel ! I was emailed by Joey Silvera last week, he was like a big mainstream porn star in the 70s or 80s and junk, so he is like a real big deal. He ended up switching to be male talent for transsexual porn some time back. And now he works behind the camera. And he saw some really old sets of me from shemaleyum and was blown away! He is going to freak when he meets me now. He has mentioned a lot of fun projects he wants to involve me in. Including some DVD stuff I think. But no hardcore scenes yet, lol. Its a really huge honor and I am like super stoked! also, my photographer, Matt from his show at and I finally picked the new photo for my business cards last night. I will post it here so you guys can get a sneak peek. I am going to relax and listen to this amazing french lounge music and get unstressed from all these girly hormones coursing through my body making me wanna kick and scream. But for now, enjoy this photo from Matthew Terhune. And seriously guys! I know most of you (myself included) have already become huge fans of sexyphototrip but if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!! Matt and Marcos are the funniest people I know. srsly.

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