Doctor Appt Tomorrow!

Bailey Jay

So tomorrow I go to the doctor to get all my blood work done for my breast implant surgery this Friday! Im really nervous about surgery, Ive never had it before but I am really excited as well! Im getting 330ccs of saline. Its as big as I could go ( being flat as a board and all) lol. Which will bring me to a small C cup. Not too big and not too small. I promise while I am stuck in bed healing I will keep all of you guys “abreast” as to how I am doing. hur hur hur :3 Im funny. anywhoooo. From what I have gathered its a pretty easy surgery and recovery. I go in on Friday, they sedate me if Im nervous, I get a shot in my arm, pass out, and wake up 45 mins later dizzy and sleepy and go home and stay in bed for a couple days high on pain meds watching the marvelous misadventues of flapjack. Then once I am all healed up I will show my new boobies to the world on a couple super famous tranny sites. And be stacked for my HBO pilot in March! I will be blogging my balls of and uploading some pictures assuming I wont have bruised zombie tits lol. I love you guys!! Wish me luck! Im really really nervous >_<