My boobjob consultation

Bailey Jay

So today was sorta good and sorta lame. I had a consultation with one of a couple surgeons I was considering for my breast augmentation. And originally he told me it was going to be 4,500 dollars but after I mentioned to him that I am a transsexual he tried to say it was 6,500 dollars instead because it is harder to do implants on a person born male. And he showed me implants he had done on a couple tgirls and they were horrible!! Like the worst they could be. However, this is good because I still have a consultation on the 8th with a surgeon that specializes in transsexual breast augmentation. And not to mention he doesnt charge more for being a tranny. So I am still really excited!! Today wasnt a total waste however, I got schooled on exactly what type of implant I am looking for And I even have a picture of the size I am thinking of getting.. maybe a bit bigger lol.